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Our History

n 2008, Mr. Mora began the A.M Plumbing Company. The business was founded on four main principles:

1) to be known for its integrity.

2) to provide the best product and labor available.

3) to be prompt for every job

4) to treat everyone, customer and employee fairly and with dignity.

The company built its reputation by being a quality and reliable plumbing contractor, building new commercial structures and providing service and repair to existing structures. A. M Plumbing started providing commercial building services throughout the Bay Area and has helped small and large local business owners.

Having a desire to work within the community, A.M Plumbing has helped many residents on obtaining services at a low cost. In today’s hard times A.M Plumbing has donated labor-time to less fortunate communities to repair or replace some of their old plumbing and brought up to date and up to State Codes.

A.M Plumbing is a small family business with the thrive to become one of the most respected plumbing companies in Northern California.

AM Plumbing History

In 2008, Mr. Mora began A.M Plumbing Company. The business was founded on four main principles: >>more

Construction Services

A.M Plumbing experience runs from educational facilities and hospitals to custom, retail and office spaces.

Job Openings

At A.M Plumbing, we are always looking for the best and brightest minds to join our family.